The dimensions shown on this diagram are applicable to either of the mounting options below. When correctly installed, the turret tube should stand perpendicular.

Rudder lengths reverse transoms 12KB Rudder lengths counter transoms 12KB
ALUMINIUM ANGLE MOUNT. For use on reasonably flat transom surfaces and needs a surface which 172 x 172 mm (6.8 x 6.8 inches). It is fitted onto the transom with 4 x 10mm mounting bolts.

This must be welded into a purpose made bracket, supplied by ourselves, or built on site by your local welder. Note : The dimensions shown on the aluminium angle mount diagrams are also applicable to the stainless steel mounting boss, and can be measured from the centre line of the 30 diameter mounting shaft, taken from the fore end of the shaft.

SS Fully Adjustable Mount
Incorporating Fairlead Arm & 45 Diameter sheave ball bearing blocks. NB: After mounting, with grub screws securing telescopic tubes, they must be welded to secure permanently.

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