Rudder Links
Use ball bearing blocks (cheek or swivel) with a minimum sheave diameter of 45mm. It is advantageous if cheek blocks are secured to the decks. Then, route 7mm diameter, flexible, non-stretch lines to wheel / tiller.
Wheel Steering
It is essential that the lines run squarely off the wheel, using either swivel or cheek ball bearing blocks. These should also run squarely to the Neptune power arm.
Select Wheel Size

230 mm dia - For vessels with approx 3.5 turns lock to lock
310 mm dia - For vessels with approx 2.5 turns lock to lock
350 mm dia - For vessels with approx 1.5 turns lock to lock
440 mm dia - For vessels with approx 1.2 turns lock to lock

For installations, where a small movement of the wheel does not
significantly alter the ship's course, it is recommended that a wheel,
one size smaller than those recommended above, is selected.

Tiller Steering
Although not as critical, for best performance, it is also preferable for the lines to run square off. They should also run squarely to the Neptune power arm.

A. Aluminium Mount Fairlead

B. Stainless Boss Fairlead

C. Adjustable mount with Fairleads

D. Pushpit Outriggers
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